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Nancy M. emailed this testimonial,

"I love your keyboarding program! We have tried some computer programs in the past, but (her son) gets more involved in the game end of it and wasn't really learning the keyboard. With your program he is actually learning the keys. (her son) likes it, too. A lot of programs today try to jazz things up too much, and the learning is lost. With some subjects, the old-fashioned way of learning is still the best."

Becky emailed this testimonial,

"My daughter is enjoying herself!  I LOVE your courses!"
Terri emailed this testimonial,

"My children are learning their keyboards, so much better than they did from the typing games."

Stephen emailed this testimonial,

"Thanks so much for the excellent service."


Denise of said, "I didn't want "fluff" and I didn't want "boring". I just wanted something simple and straight to the point.

Keyboarding for the Christian School by Leanne Beitel. This program arrived just in time to satisfy my pickiness every requirement. (I love it when that happens!)  It is an e-book program that teaches the touch typing technique. The lessons and drills are reminiscent of my old high school keyboarding classes, which I always enjoyed. There isn't anything "fluffy" or "silly" about these e-books at all; just straightforward, honest typing. Perfect!

Thank you, Leanne Beitel for creating such an easy to use program. :)

We give both versions of
Keyboarding for the Christian School two delighted thumbs up"!

Toni Anderson from said, "The added bonus to this program is that as soon as the lessons progress to a point where words and sentences are introduced the author has given verses to practice their their typing skills with. Here are several examples:  "Choose My instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her. "   "With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness."

Wow!  Your child will be reading and typing these awesome verses several times. What a great way to integrate God's Word into your child's day!  As the lessons increase in difficulty the author gives longer passages of scripture to practice."

Linda from said, "Elizabeth and I have really been enjoying using the elementary version of this product.  The lessons are easy to follow, engaging and bring great results.  Elizabeth will say "look mom I'm typing like you".  I had used another popular product to teach Jennifer how to type.  But I love that this product uses Bible verses for practice.  Ms. Beitel is friendly and a great teacher.  Her customer service is personable and prompt."

Regenia from said, "I love the accessibility of e-books and the speed they are delivered to your inbox, but overall I am not a fan. That being said our family probably would have missed out on this delightful, extremely inexpensive homeschool resource had it not been offered to us for review.

I avoided the whole printing issue by keeping the courses on my computer. They arrived in PDF format by email, which I organized in a special file in Outlook. When my students needed to work on their keyboarding lessons they simply found the email, opened up the PDF and proceeded. Because I have a laptop MAC and a desktop PC I didn’t want to create a Word document on my desktop thus tying us down to home use only. Remembering the accessibility of Google Docs we created two separate Word documents on-line, one for each student, and were ready to begin our lessons.

Her daughter Sierra said, "I liked it. I like how you get to type on the computer.  The lesson on the computer can tell you what to do for directions so you won't forget. Learning to type makes me feel like I’m a big kid. I’m excited I am learning to type so I can type when I move on to older grades.”

Sara O. from said, "I like the simplicity of this program.  It’s easy to implement and requires little to no preparation for the lessons.  The most you will probably need to do is print the manual!  Any child could learn this material.  Even a beginner reader could be taught correct keyboarding with a parent there to guide them through the material and explain as they go.

At $15.95 for the higher version and $12.95 for the elementary version, it really is a good value."

Mel from said, "I really appreciate the detail in this course because as the student progresses through the lessons, starting with individual letters, he is taught where to place each finger on the keys.  In teaching my son how to type, this has been a major drawback to other programs before, as he just didn't know where to put his fingers.  (By the way, this course uses the Qwerty keyboard.)"

Chris Worthy of said, "the curriculum is super easy to implement and compares quite well with the syllabus of the keyboarding class at our local public school (but it is Christian in content and includes NIV verses). It is quite thorough and I am pleased to say that author Leanne Beitel has created a great product that (in my opinion) matches the requirements for high school credit in my state."


Jolanthe from
said, "Laurianna worked on the first two lessons the first day and was able to do it independently after we went over the basics of the program.  That evening when we were sitting at the table talking about our school day, she told everyone about her fff jjj fff jjj typing lessons with much excitement. :) "

Read my
review from Kate O'Mara at the Eclectic Homeschool Association where the "students who recently began using Keyboarding for the Christian School reported that they enjoyed the first several lessons and were anxious to continue."

Phyllis Wheeler, "The Computer Lady" wrote a review on
homeschoolblogger, "This book covers not only learning to type, but how to set margins and so on in a word processor. It's also a business class, teaching the kids how to create a business letter, how to follow stylesheets such as MLA and APA, how to create a bibliography, how to format envelopes, and how to read proofreaders' marks.

The typing exercises include not only Bible excerpts, but also an uplifting story about an early Christian, and some evangelical material. This book can be a welcome addition to your home school."

Carrie Wilbur with Homeschool Magazine said that her 12-year-old liked the "readabilitity of the font and the actual text supplied for practice...appreciated the author's thoroughness in addressing useful and common correspondence format" found on

As a guest author for Lorraine Curry's book,
Easy Homeschooling Curriculum, chapter 22 gives additional tips in teaching keyboarding. 

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